Who We Are

Centerstone Health Services Board:

Greg Marvel, Board President

Donna Stern, Vice President

Fred Bunzendahl, Treasurer

Audrey Ruf, Secretary

Lee Ann Robinson

Kelly Isaacs

Tom Creech

Jonathon Harp

Stacy E. Cary

Stephen Pritchard

Mission Statement:

Centerstone Health Services embraces the health and well-being for all people by providing comprehensive, accessible, quality health care regardless of income to promote wellness and restore health.

Our Vision:

Centerstone Health Services inspires and builds healthy lives through superior care, collaboration, education and awareness that improves the overall health status of the community.

Our Values:

      1.   Treating all patients, staff, board members and visitors with respect.
      2.   Maintaining a high level of care through National Standards.
      3.   Taking pride in your work and the outcome of your patient’s care.
      4.   Performing work with consistency and accuracy
      5.   Moving deliberately with a purpose without sacrificing quality of care.
      6.   Showing compassion at all times.
      7.   Creating a positive culture of Team Spirit and cooperation.
      8.   Professionalism in conduct and care.
      9.   Maintaining privacy.
      10.   Fostering an environment of safety.